IJR: I’m A Republican Woman – As Obama Leaves Office, I’m Realizing He Won Me Over

In advance of President Obama’s farewell address, I wrote a piece for IJR about my experience with Obamacare–and why I’m so worried about the anti-immigrant rhetoric and the future of personal freedom. An excerpt:

My entire adult life has been shaped by the Obama years, my “coming of age” both personally and politically. I’ll miss the Obama family. I wonder what will happen to D.C., which has experienced such growth.

I’m not quite ready to call myself a Democrat, because I still hope the Republican Party will remember that many of us joined because of our belief in the power of individual liberty, free markets, and limited government. But Obama—a free trader who fixed the economy, killed Osama bin Laden, enacted a healthcare plan nearly identical to Republican Governor Mitt Romney’s, and led the nation to embrace more personal freedoms—embodies my values more than the party that seems to care more about what we do in our bedrooms and bathrooms than the greater good, and more than the populists taking power on January 20th.

Read the whole thing at IJR.