Below, you’ll find select works published in print and elsewhere around the web.

Fashion & Politics

White House Correspondents’ Dinner 2013: Beltway Media, Hollywood Elites Suffering Mutual Fatigue (The Washington Times, 04/25/2013)

Wardrobe Not Paul Ryan’s Strong Suit (The Washington Times, 08/30/2012)

Media, Politicos, & Celebrities Turn Out for White House Correspondents’ Dinner (The Washington Times, 04/29/2012)

Seriously, Santorum: Di-Vest Now! (The Washington Times, 03/04/2012)

The Style Primary: Palin Tops Bachmann in Fashion Face-Off (The Washington Times, 09/14/2011)

Fashion Diplomacy (, 05/25/2011)

Samantha Sault Talks Men’s Fashion in Washington (Focus Washington, 03/29/2009)

Samantha Sault Talks Michelle Obama & Fashion (Focus Washington, 03/09/2009)

Fashion Capital: Washington Gets a Makeover (The Weekly Standard, 01/22/2009)


Washington Politics

I’m A Republican Woman – As Obama Leaves Office, I’m Realizing He Won Me Over (IJR, 01/10/2017)

Hey, Big Spenders: Republicans’ Love-Hate Relationship with Earmarks (The Weekly Standard, 02/25/2008)

Battleground Virginia (The Weekly Standard, 12/12/2007)

Blue Virginia (The Weekly Standard, 11/08/2007)

Northern Virginia Goes South? The Democrats Have Their Eye on the Old Dominion (The Weekly Standard, 10/29/2007)

The Strategist: California Freshman Kevin McCarthy (The Weekly Standard, 10/01/2007)


London Fashion Week

Global Glamour (The Weekly Standard, 11/04/2013)

London Looks for the Verily Girl (Verily, 10/01/2012)

Estethica: Ethical London Fashion That Makes A Difference (Verily, 09/26/2012)

The London Fashion Scene Gets a Groovy American Influence (Verily, 09/17/2012)

Pants on Fire: How Fashion Week Dealt with London’s Summer Riots (The Weekly Standard, 10/17/2011)

London Calling (Washington Life, 09/20/2011)

Body English: Assessing the Middleton Effect on Fashion Week (The Weekly Standard, 03/28/2011)

Chic & Cheeky: The Spirit of Swinging London Lives in Fashion Week (The Weekly Standard, 10/11/2010)


Hong Kong Fashion Week

Fashion Writer Samantha Sault Talks Hong Kong Fashion Week (Focus Washington, 03/29/2012)

China by Design: Hong Kong Fashion Week Is Serious Business (The Weekly Standard, 03/26/2012)

Trend Report: Hong Kong Fashion Week (Washington Life, 01/31/2012)


New York Fashion Week

Samantha Sault Talks the New York Runways (Focus Washington, 03/29/2009)

McFashion Week: A Faltering Economy Can’t Stop the Fabulousness (The Weekly Standard, 03/09/2009)

Interview with Maria Cornejo (, 03/02/2009)

Where the Elite Meet: To See, Be Seen, & Move the Merchandise (The Weekly Standard, 10/13/2008)


Pop Culture & Reviews

Matisyahu Transcends Boundaries (The Washington Times, 12/07/2012)

Two Extraordinary Women: Diana Vreeland & Marina Abramovic (, 06/27/2012)

Movie Review: Peace, Love & Misunderstanding (The Washington Times, 06/07/2012)

Movie Review: Mirror Mirror (The Washington Times, 03/29/2012)